Devesh Kabdwal

 Devesh Kabdwal

VP Media & Marketing

Cobx Gaming

Devesh started his journey in 2013 as a Front-end Developer at Twyst. During the subsequent two years, he expanded his role taking on additional responsibilities and transitioned from Accounts and Operations Manager to a Business Development Manager. As a result of developing competencies across multiple domains, Devesh’s options were wide open but being a gamer at heart, he saw the potential of the esports industry in India and followed his instincts and co-founded More fiction – a company which holds expertise in organizing esports events at a domestic front. They provide an environment of growth and opportunity for individuals and communities who partake in competitive gaming and want to take their passion for esports to a lucrative endeavour.

As a long time gamer, Devesh developed his ability to think on his feet, impressive decision-making skills and uncanny talent in accurately assessing others, which made him an adept player in the strategy games genre. From Age of Empires to Dota 2, he has been a formidable foe and feared by his opponents.

Leveraging his experience and knowledge in event organisation from college days where he handled the business end of LAN parties in computer labs and cafés to big college fests in India, Devesh has organized some of the biggest and most successful events in India. His ability to gauge talent and the desire to help grow the industry drove him to help a start-up esports company by building out their business model and market strategy

With More fiction, he successfully pulled off some of the biggest esports events in India in some of the most prestigious tier 1 colleges in India; from IITs to IIMs, Devesh was at the frontier of esports in India. To take it to the next level, by putting India on the esports world map, he joined Cobx Gaming and along with a small talented team and months of careful planning, Cobx was able to realise India’s largest international multi-title esports tournament, Cobx Masters which concluded this month. With an already existing expertise in esports, Devesh was handed the reins to head the project.

As a die-hard gamer, Devesh still spends his leisure time to play a few games. Be it a chill Dota game with his friends or arranging office CS matches, he always has time to have some fun. He is also an avid fan of cricket and a foodie at heart.

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